A Complete Guide on SBCGlobal Email Service!

    Invented by Southwestern Bell Company (in short SBC), SBCGlobal is one of the most trusted and advanced telecom service providers in the United State of America that is also known for its webmail services throughout the world. 

    Since the year 1882, SBCGlobal service only aims to keep its users satisfied by offering email services in a structured way and thus, today SBCGlobal is the leading name in the world of email that has been serving individuals as well as professional of various organizations, business firms, and companies in meeting their communication needs via emails.

    However, not only due to this fact, SBCGlobal has around 4 million of customer base that are scattered all across the globe, also because it offers them the benefits and perks of the following features–

    Features of SBCGlobal Email

    • SBC email accounts are accessible on plenty of devices (mobile phones, tablets, and computers.)
    • By making some basic changes in SBCGlobal email settings, SBCGlobal email accounts can easily be configured on other email services.
    • The service has a special feature for blocking ‘Spam.’ Using Spam-blocker, SBCGlobal saves users from frequently getting unnecessary emails.
    • It allows users to import and export their contact addresses.
    • Along with that, SBCGlobal also has a large email address book that lets users to store contacts addresses (to whom users exchange SBCGlobal emails) in bulk.
    • Customized homepages is another popular feature of SBCGlobal email service. Users can make the homepage as per their choice and also can change the same, accordingly.
    • Last but not least, the service provides you the opportunity to add up to 10 additional sub-accounts for colleagues, family members or business partners and each of them is a separate email address with their own passwords.

    Quick-Recap of SBCGlobal and AT&T Merger

    Knowing about the effectiveness of having an account on SBCGlobal email service, those individuals or professionals who have not tried the SBC Global email service yet, must be wondering about the process of ‘how to create SBC Global.net email account’ isn’t it! So, let us tell you that, creating an email account on SBCGlobal email service is not a hard-hitting job. However, there are certainly few things that you need to keep in your mind, before we go ahead with the sign-up process to help you avoid any confusion. Well, there is a connection between AT&T and SBCGlobal.

    The service went on to buy AT&T in 2005 and as AT&T was a popular brand at that time also, the name of the SBCGlobal Telecom Company re-branded to AT&T Inc. Since then, SBCGlobal has been functioning as a subsidiary of AT&T. 

    Basically, the original website of SBCGlobal i.e., ‘https: //www.sbcglobal.net’ is unfortunately, no longer available and instead it has migrated to the AT&T and Yahoo! Service.

    Though, earlier, it had also redirected to various other websites such as ‘https://sbcglobal.prodigy.com’ but now, if you want to create a new email address with SBCGlobal then, you will have to either create an AT&T Mail address, or a Yahoo Mail address, first!

    So, to initiate the same process, contact your telephone service provider and start by signing up either for a dial-up or DSL account service. For the same, you’ll be asked about what particular email address and initial password you would prefer. Basically, AT&T will strongly recommend you to move to its own Web Mail domain but, there’s no hard and fast rule, as they also support the SBCGlobal.net addresses.

    Now, as you’ve got the enough understanding of all that we’ve said-above, move ahead to perform the below-mentioned easy steps to own a SBCGlobal.net address—

    How to Sign-Up for SBCGlobal.Net Email Account?

    • To begin the sign-up process, launch your preferred web browser and type ‘ATT.net’ in its search engine bar.
    • Then, from the list of available results, simply click on the very first option to direct yourself on to the official AT&T Communication page.[Alternately, you can directly visit the official AT&T page by pasting ‘https: //currently.att.yahoo.com’ link in the ‘URL’ address bar and clicking on the ‘Enter’ button.]
    • On the official AT&T page, click on the ‘Mail’ option in order to open the main AT&T email login page.
    • AT&T email login page
    • There, you’ll see the ‘Create AT&T Account’ option which is in the middle-bottom of the page, just below the ‘Sign-in’ option and simply, click on the same to move further with the SBCGlobal sign-up process.
    • Create AT&T Account
    • On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter your ‘Wireless Number’ as well as your ‘Zip Code.’ Fill the required fields with correct information and click on the ‘Continue’ button to receive the ‘Confirmation code’ that is essential to proceed further to the ‘Sign-up’ page.
    • correct information
    • There, all you need to do is enter your basic details like your ‘Full Name and Address.’ In the next column, enter your other personal details as well.
    • After that, enter your desired email address as well as your chosen ‘Password’ for your SBC Global email account.
    • In continuation, answer a few security questions as prompted by Google bot to set up security for your account (in the future, this will also act as your password recovery option).
    • In the end, finish the process by clicking on the ‘Finish’ button.

    How to Sign-In to SBCGlobal.net Email Account?

    • In order to login to your SBCGlobal email account, you need to visit the ‘SBCGlobal Email Sign-in Page’ which is now available through ‘https: //signin.att.com/’ link.
    • Once you reached the ‘Sign-in’ page, put the cursor in the ‘Email address text field’ to enter your SBCGlobal email ID.
    • Similarly, put the cursor in the ‘Password text field’ to enter the password that is associated with your SBCGlobal email account.
    • Sign-in Page
    • Then, check the ‘Keep Me Signed In’ option to keep yourself signed in automatically for at least 2 weeks, until and unless you specifically logged out of your account in the middle. However, make sure to check the same only if you’re using your personal computer, instead of a public-shared one.
    • Now, to finally access your SBCGlobal email account, you need to just click on the ‘Sign-in’ button underneath.

    However, despite performing the correct steps of the sign-in procedure, it could be very disappointing to read messages like “Can’t access the SBC Global email account.” So, considering the fact that, SBCGlobal users may run into problems while log in to their respective accounts, we want you to enlighten yourself about the possible ill-factors behind the denial of login to your SBCGlobal email account as well as about their particular solutions to easily access your account without further encountering any sort of problem.  

    Possible Reasons behind SBCGlobal Email Login Issues:Possible Solutions for SBCGlobal Email Login Issues
    Reason 1: SBC Email Server DownSolution 1: It is possible that you’ll face this error mainly because AT&T server is down. So, check the working of AT&T server by visiting “https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/loginprodx.att.net.html.”
    Reason 2: Slow Internet/ Internet errorSolution 2: Check your internet connection either by refreshing the SBCGlobal page or by visiting the other websites. If you face problems in loading other websites also, then the issue is likely to be associated with slow or no internet connection. So, in such scenarios, it’s better to connect with another strong network connection. 
    Reason 3: Invalid Password or Email IDSolution 3: Double-check your login credentials whether they have been entered correctly or not. As a human tendency, it is easy to minor details like where to use upper-case letters and where to use lower-case letters. Definitely, care should be taken as ‘Passwords are case-sensitive.’ At the same time, avoid copy-pasting your login credentials as you might end up accidentally copying a ‘SPACE’ as a character at the beginning or at the end of your username or password.
    Reason 4: Browser errorSolution 4: If the cause of the issue is your browser then clearing your browsing history, cache and cookies’ is considered as the most effective step in optimizing your browser. However, you can also use ‘Incognito Mode’ of your browser to try logging to your SBCGlobal account to check, if that works or not.
    Reason 5: Interference of any third party software with SBCGlobal email serverSolution 5: At times, ad-blocking software or plug-ins interfere with the login process of various mail domains thus, temporarily disabling them may help you resolve the login issue.

    These are the possible reasons and their basic solutions that you can opt to get rid of the encountered SBCGlobal email login issue. But, if none of the above-mentioned solutions works and you continue to experience the login problem then, it may be because you have forgotten either your account password or its User ID. Thus, instead of entering the actual password or ID you may be attempting with a wrong one again and again. 

    So, if that is the case with you, resolve the issue by resetting ‘Password’ and by recovering ‘User/Email ID’ of your SBCGlobal email account using the following steps respectively—

    Reset Your Forgotten SBCGlobal Email Password

    • Start the SBCGlobal email password reset process by navigating to the ‘SBC global find your password page’ from your preferred browser using ‘https: //www.att.com/acctmgmt/fpwd/lander’ link.
    • There, enter your registered ‘SBCGlobal Email ID’ and your ‘Last Name.’
    • Then, check-mark the box that reads ‘I’m not a robot’ and for continuation, click on the ‘Continue’ button beneath the check-mark box to reach onto the next page.
    •  find your password page
    • On the page, you’ll see various recovery options and out of all, simply select ‘I’ll answer my security question’ as your password recovery method.
    • After selecting the same, answer the asked security question (that you’d set up during the sign-up process) correctly to finally reach on the ‘Password Reset Page.’
    • There, all you have to do is enter a new (strong and secure) password twice for your SBCGlobal email account for confirmation.
    • In the end, click on the ‘Continue’ button to finish the password reset process and to receive a message stating that your password has been changed successfully.
    • Now, try logging to your SBCGlobal email account using the same (new) password.

    Recover Your Forgotten SBC Global Email ID

    • In this case, visit the ‘Att.net Sign-in Page’ via your web browser.
    • On the sign-in page, click on the ‘Forgot User ID?’ option which is there below the ‘Email Address text field.’
    • Forgot User ID
    • As you click on the aforementioned option, you’ll be directed to a new page, there all you’ve to do is provide a secondary email address and click on the ‘Continue’ button to receive the ‘User/Email ID’ of your SBCGlobal email account.
    • secondary email address
    • Then, sign-in to the same ‘Secondary’ email account and open the concerning email from its inbox.
    • After that, carefully copy the received ‘User/Email ID’ and go back to the ‘Att.net Sign-in Page’ and there, paste the ‘User/Email ID’ in the required email text field along with the password to finally access your SBCGlobal email account.

    Last but not least, to completely avoid the webmail login issues with your SBCGlobal email account, what best you can do is configure your account in any third-party email client, either of your mobile (Android and iPhone) or computer (Windows and Mac) device using the following below-mentioned SBCGlobal email server settings for the respective devices—

    SBCGlobal Email Server Settings to Set up SBCGlobal Email Account in Third-Party Email Client Program:

    Set 1: If the SBCGlobal email account is created with AT&T addresses!

    SBCGlobal Email Settings for IMAP

    SBCGlobal Email Settings for POP

    Incoming E-mail Server: imap.mail.att.netIncoming E-mail Server: inbound.att.net
    Incoming Port: 993Incoming Port: 995
    Outgoing Email Server: smtp.mail.att.netOutgoing Email Server: outbound.att.net
    Outgoing Port: 465Outgoing Port: 465
    Requires SSL: YesRequires SSL: Yes
    Requires authentication: YesRequires authentication: Yes

    Set 2: If the SBCGlobal email account is created with Yahoo addresses!

    SBCGlobal email settings for IMAP

    SBCGlobal email settings for POP

    Incoming Email Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com Incoming Email Server: inbound.yahoo.com
    Incoming Port: 993 Incoming Email Server: inbound.yahoo.com
    Outgoing Email Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.comOutgoing Email Server: outbound.yahoo.com
    Outgoing Port: 465Outgoing Port: 465
    Requires SSL: YesRequires SSL: Yes
    Requires authentication: YesRequires authentication: Yes